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Significance of ERP Implementation

Companies have to clearly know what enterprise resource is planning before thinking of implementing them. The catch word of ERP implementation is speed.
The faster it is implemented the quicker and better are the advantages and delivery in terms of results. This early process has another hold. The returns are sought at a shorter period. This deviation from the conventional practice has become the order of the day as far as many companies are concerned. Formerly Business process reengineering played a vital role with respect to implementation. It is important to know the components of Enterprise resource planning .Merely defining enterprise resource planning will not help in this. This naturally paved way to development of gaps between the actual results and the one derived during the process of foreseeing.
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News Articles

EBM to help management

With EBM management resource programs costs of running a large company or keeping an eye on the financial state of a university building is made easy. With up-to-date information management decisions are made easier.
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Small Businesses Benefit from Free Software

Small businesses can benefit by getting free ERP software.
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What the future holds for ERP?

Before speaking about the future of ERP it is important to remember the history of ERP in order to keep a track on the developments that happened gradually. ERP evolved from manufacturing resource planning (which originated from material resource planning).The functioning of ERP has gained much prominence and utility with the intervention of web enabled and open source technologies.
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How can ERP function more effectively in S.M.E.?

The troubles faced by S.M.E.'s with regards to ERP is quiet understandable. However they can be rectified. Even if they are not taken out totally there is always a scope for making things better and making ERP's more user friendly for Small and Medium Enterprises.
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Recommended Products

PENTAGON 2000SQL ERP Solutions

PENTAGON 2000SQL ERP Systems provides a complete, user-friendly, feature rich and fully integrated environment that supports all of an enterprise's general business and industry's specific activities - including accounting and financial reporting. The system fosters user compliance with FAA, EASA, TC, U.S. DoD, APICS, Six Sigma, IFRS and GAAP regulations and recommended procedures.

ERP software solutions

An integrated software solution that will help you take care of customer relationships as well as internal resources. The software supports point of sales, distribution, inventory, accounting, e-commerce as well as workflow systems.
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Intuitive ERP solutions

The Intuitive ERP software program is a next generation software program for small and medium enterprises. It has a host of easy to use features and can be implemented with ease under any platform.
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